Digital Marketing

If you’ve never heard of digital marketing before, it is basically a broad name given to all your online marketing policies. You can advertise your business using platforms like Google search, social media like Facebook and Twitter, and your business website. This will help you connect and reach out to both current and potential clients.

With the World Wide Web being easily available, more and more people are spending a substantial amount of time on the Internet. A lot of things has changed, including how people buy and sell things. Even 5 years ago, a lot of thought and effort went into shopping, but now, it’s available at the click of a button. So, if you’re planning to market your product online- let’s say as advertisements in the newspaper, they are not likely to be noticed a lot.

Since marketing essentially entails connecting to the audience first, the most potent way to do that in today’s day and age is on the Internet. This makes sense since a majority of the people are already spending a significant amount of time online.

So how can you go about digital marketing?

The term itself is a generalization because there are numerous aspects of marketing on the internet. If you want to be a pro at this, you will need to have a clear and solid picture as to how each of the methods may or may not work.

Here we have some assets of digital marketing :

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is basically an array of tactics used to increase the traffic to a website. This is done by obtaining a higher place in the search result’s page of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. So the higher your website’s link is placed, the better chances it has of getting clicked.  It is done to increases the free traffic to your website since no money is charged.

  • Content Marketing

Content marketing basically uses the art of storytelling to sell their products. Humans have always been drawn to great storytellers, and if you provide your audience with content that is relevant to their lives, they will inevitably prefer your product over others in the market. The important thing to do is to show people that you actually care about them.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media has blown up in the last decade, and almost anyone with a smart phone uses social media. To promote your product on this platform would be the best and easiest way to draw the attention of a larger group of people. You can create a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram handle for your product, or make an advertisement for YouTube- it is a much viable and effective method than the traditional methods of marketing.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

The pay per click method entails that you pay the publisher of your website every time someone clicks on its link. The best and most used example of PPC is definitely Google AdWords.

  • Email Marketing

As the name suggests, email marketing is the process of communicating a company’s developments to their audiences through email. Email is also used to promote discounts, offers, and content. It is also done to draw traffic to the business’s website.

  • Online PR

So you know what PR is. It is the process of getting noticed online by differed digital magazines, blogs, social media accounts and so on. The process is very similar to traditional PR but on the online level. When an unrelated digital platform promotes your content, it creates a sense of curiosity in the minds of the people who are subscribed to that content.

  • Native Advertising

Have you ever read an article that talked about the hottest summer trends of the year, while advertising certain products related to the subject? That is native advertising. Here, the advertisements are essentially content-related but are published with other non-related content.

There are some other essential aspects related to digital marketing:

  • Blog posts related to the product or the company
  • EBooks and Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Online brochures
  • Logos and fonts that help your product stand out from the rest.
  • Interactive tools

Advantages of digital marketing.

  • Digital marketing has a bigger reach than traditional marketing. For example, advertising in a newspaper can only get you national attention at the max, but digital marketing can reach out to international audiences.
  • Obviously, digital marketing costs next to nothing when compared to regular marketing. You can even get it done for free sometimes.
  • You can make the advertisements as flamboyant or sober as you want- digital marketing allows you to have your way with the content.
  • It is easier to engage with audiences using digital platforms like social media. You can establish a personal rapport with your audience and can address any specific queries that they may be having.

You can also know about your competitors’ strategies through digital marketing. You can take a look at how they have approached this marketing technique and incorporate some of their methods into your own processes.

Does digital marketing actually work?

  • The answer to that is yes and how! Digital marketing is known to yield better and faster results than regular marketing, mainly because you can see the growth happening right in front of your eyes.Feedback is also another important advantage of digital marketing. With the option of feedback, your audience or customers can leave their own personal reviews or comments about your services or products. These real reviews help promote your product even further, because any skeptical customer not inclined towards accepting your claims, may be persuaded by the feedback left by other users of the products or services.This is why digital marketing is a viable and easy way of getting your business up and running.Our team of experts can design a foolproof design to ensure that your content is marketed through all the digital marketing tactics, including SEO< SMO< PPC<Email Marketing and so on
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